Perkiomenville, PA

Josh and Monique Lewis

Email: valcoons@joshandmonique.com

Phone: 215-964-0235

Valcoons is owned and operated by Josh and Monique Lewis in Lansdale Pennsylvania. We are newer breeders who breed for the love of the Maine Coon, as a hobby and not as a business. We are aspiring to specialize in the ticked pattern. Our goal is to educate other breeders and potential buyers about this pattern, as well as helping to increase its popularity and acceptance in all Feline Registries.   Our love for the Maine Coons started in the spring of 2005 when we adopted our first cat, Grace, for our daughter Kara’s 10th Birthday. We instantly fell in love with her. In the winter of 2009 we decided it was time to adopt another Maine Coon kitten. Through an exhaustive search we eventually found our second cat, Beck, who was almost exactly what we were looking for, a brown male with white paws. He met all of our criteria, except he was TICKED! Confused about this pattern we had never heard about we proceeded to do some research, and were intrigued by the little bit of information we were able to find.   Growing up Josh had always been interested in showing dogs, and being intrigued by our new kitten, Josh decided to ask Beck’s breeders, MaineVu Maine Coons (Margie and Phil Berger) if we could show him. Margie inquisitively looked at Beck for a few seconds, and responded: “Sure… I think he could do well”. Margie and Phil took us under their wings, and taught us everything we needed to know to start showing Beck. To all of our surprise Beck did very well showing. With the help and support of Phil and Margie he quickly rose to the top of the rankings, traveling the country and ultimately becoming TICA’s Best Maine Coon Alter in the 2010-2011 season.   In that year of showing we made many friends and learned a tremendous amount about the world of cat showing and breeding. By the end of this season we had decided that we wanted to breed Maine Coon cats while focusing on producing and promoting the ticked pattern (Beck’s pattern). We started our breeding program in the spring of 2012 when we adopted MaineVu Abbey Ale of Valcoons as our first breeding female, followed by MTNest Rodenbach of Valcoons in the Summer of 2012. Now a new chapter begins.