Beck is on the Animal Planet Website!

Beck’s picture was recently used on the Animal Planet Website. They made a photo gallery of 34 different breeds along with information about each of the breeds. To see Beck on there website go to the Cat Breed Photo Gallery, then browse to the 19th cat. We are very proud that he is representing the Maine Coon Breed on their website! We feel he is an excellent example of the breed.

Kittens – Abbey Ale’s Muppets Litter

Congratulations to Abbey Ale and Roddy on there new litter. Abbey did a great job delivering the kittens, and is doing a fantastic job taking care of the babies. We are very happy to announce that we have a first ticked kitten. See our kittens page for more details on the litter. We will announce when the kittens are available to be reserved.

New Scratchers

It was time to add some new scratching posts to the home. Maine Coons like to scratch fairly often, and when they do they tend to try and stretch out as far as they can. This can make it a little challanging to find a post that really fits their needs, so we usually end up building our own. Here are two posts that we just made for under $60. All of the kitties were very happy with their new scratchers.

Congratulations to Roddy!

Roddy was at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional to accept his awards for the last show season. Roddy was the 12th Best Kitten, and the 7th Best Long Hair Cat in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We are very proud of his accomplishments! We are also very excited to announce that at this show Roddy was able to get the remaining points he needed to achieve his Supreme Grand Champion Title. Roddy is now RW SGC MTNest Rodenbach of Valcoons! Thank you to Phil Berger for the multiple times he acted as Roddy’s agent. His assistance was critical to Roddy’s success. And thank

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Congratulations to Abbey Ale on her first litter. She did a great job and so far is doing a fantastic as a mom. See our kittens page for more details on the litter. Thank you so much to David and Judy Bernbaum for all of their support. Having you a phone call away was so helpful and relieved a lot of stress. Thank you to Margie and Phil for whom we would not be here without them. Phil drove all the way from New York to Lansdale to help deliver the kittens!